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  • No more waiting in all day
  • Get your parcels faster without changing your schedule
  • No more worry about missed deliveries
  • Any website purchase can be delivered to a CornerDrop

How it works

  • We use 9 digit parcel codes to uniquely identify your parcel. You use this parcel code in place of, or as well as, your delivery name for your online purchase, and use the CornerDrops address, as per normal. If the online retailer won’t accept the parcel code as your delivery name, then please add to the delivery address.
  • The CornerDrop will know the parcel is on its way, accept and sign for it, and will keep it safe until you are ready to collect. We also give you a 4 digit PIN to give to the CornerDrop location when you are ready to collect it. No need for any IDs as this PIN is only known by you and the CornerDrop and is unique for each parcel you send. Safe and secure.
  • Your first use of CornerDrop is free, just register and follow the simple instructions.

What's in my account?

  • Everything you may need to manage your parcel deliveries, such as;
  • How may credits you have
  • How many Parcel Codes you have used
  • Details of which parcels went where
  • Your payment history

Why do I need a new parcel code for each delivery?

  • Simply because it is the only way we can securely identify each order coming through to the CornerDrop process, and there are thousands!
  • Duplicated parcel codes are rejected by the CornerDrops.

How and when can I collect my parcels?

  • Parcels must be collected within seven days of delivery to the CornerDrop location.
  • All you need bring is your parcel code to identify your parcel, and the 4 digit PIN to allow the CornerDrop to release the parcel to yourself.
  • Please see our Terms and Conditions for how we handle late collections.

What happens if my parcel is lost by the CornerDrop?

  • This will be very unlikely, but mistakes can happen.
  • Our full process is described here: Terms and Conditions. All we ask is that you inform us straight away and we will do our best to resolve it.
  • Please ensure you have kept all the relevant details of your online purchase so we can investigate accordingly.

If you need any further information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.
You can also refer to our Terms and Conditions or Contact us.